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We offers a complete irrigation service for all your garden’s needs. An automatic watering system will transform your lawn, flowerbeds and containers by providing them with all the moisture they need as and when it is required.

Correct water management is essential in turf management and the simple truth is without it you will find it almost impossible to maintain a lush green and healthy lawn.


Lawn irrigation can seem like a simple task; however a great deal of time and effort is often required watering a lawn. Container planting also requires regular time-consuming watering. Our bespoke lawn watering systems and bedding and borders watering systems allow you to enjoy the perfect lawn and create beautiful flower displays without becoming a slave to manual watering. can make your watering experience both more convenient and beneficial for both you and your lawn!

How often and how much?

This depends on the season (weather), the grass type/species and the soil type. A general rule of thumb is that your lawn should receive at least 1 inch of water per week. However, how often you water also depends on how you want your lawn to look. Many people simply do not water their lawn enough producing dried out grass, soil, and root systems and your lawn may either go dormant or ultimately die during the hot/dry summer months, resulting in expensive restoration work

being required to once again bring your lawn back to life! On the other hand, you can also water your lawn too much. Basically, your lawn needs moisture (water), nutrients, and oxygen to grow.

By watering too much, you continuously saturate your soil to the point where the grass roots lack oxygen and cannot grow deep enough roots (shallow roots), encourage disease (e.g. Red Thread), worm casts and creates surface soil compaction.

If you have to water manually all summer long it can quickly become a chore rather than a pleasure. If you don’t already have a sprinkler system and care about your lawn and plants consider installing one now! Our lawn irrigation systems offer a number of benefits to you and your lawn (and garden).

  1. Automatic on/off – removing the need to worry about manual watering.
  2. Easy to program & able to save multiple programmes
  3. More consistent and effective watering/irrigation pattern
  4. Control watering/irrigation frequency and duration
  5. Reduce irrigation requirements thus conserving water and saving money
  6. Customize your watering strategy according to your lawn – its shape, size, and type. Systems come in a variety of types including pop-up’s, oscillating, revolving, stationary, and travelling sprinklers.
  7. You can also adjust them to water plants, flowers, trees, and hedges, getting the most out of the system and conserving more of your time, water & money.
  8. Water/irrigate in your absence whilst on holiday etc.
  9. Low water use outlet and cheap to run

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