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Our Pay As-You-Go treatment service offers a pre-set treatment plan, based on our five specialised applications, including fertiliser, weed and moss control. Applied at 10 week intervals this service is paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis as and when you receive a treatment or application.

Treatment 1 (March-May)

This involves applying an appropriate specialised slow release & coated mini granular fertiliser taking into account the weather conditions, ensuring your lawn gets the correct start to the season by encouraging the correct top-growth as well as hardening the grass plant and encouraging deeper & stronger rooting. A selective weed killer will be applied to attack any unsightly weeds, along with a moss killer to control moss growth.

Treatment 2 (May-July)

An appropriate slow release summer fertiliser (taking into account the weather and ground conditions) will be applied to your lawn to help replace the nutrients lost from spring and early summer mowing, to help develop a strong and healthy green sward and to stimulate root growth. Your lawn will once again be sprayed with a selective weed killer.

Treatment 3 (July-Sept)

Once again, an appropriate slow release summer fertiliser(taking into account the weather and ground conditions) will be applied to your lawn reinforcing its green colour and improved vigour as well as strengthening cell walls, resulting in a stronger grass plant (hardening off). The more persistent and difficult weeds in your lawn will once again be sprayed with a selective weed killer, if required.

Treatment 4 (Sept-Nov)

An appropriate autumn fertiliser & turf conditioner will be applied to your lawn, providing moss control, quick green-up, turf hardening and once again strengthening the plants’ root system. This is an important application as it is at this time of year your lawn will begin to start suffering the effects of moss.

Treatment 5 (Nov-Feb)

The emphasis during this treatment is on moss control. Due to optimum growing conditions for moss through the wetter winters moss is increasingly becoming more and more of a problem in the domestic lawn. A winter turf conditioner will be applied to control moss, provide a dark green, healthy looking turf & toughen the grass sward thereby promoting increased winter disease resistance.

In addition to our pre-arranged 5 specialised treatments, we also provide additional treatments/services which you can request on a pay-as-you-go basis, thus giving you ultimate control over the condition of your lawn.

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