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Annual Programme

Through knowledge and experience gained over the years, we have come to learn that fertilising alone is NOT enough to produce beautiful, healthy lawns, domestically, commercially or in a controlled sports environment. Each lawn is unique and requires an individually tailored maintenance programme. Our flagship, industry leading Annual Programme reinforces our innovative approach and attitude to the lawn care industry.

Our Annual Lawn Care Programme allows us the flexibility to ensure we are able to approach each lawn as an individual, allowing for far superior results time and time again.

Your Annual Programme will be based on:


Our qualified and experienced mobile greenkeeper’s carry a comprehensive range of specialised synthetic and organic fertilisers along with assorted greenkeeping products. Your 5 fertiliser treatments will be applied at 10 week intervals giving all year round coverage

Weed control

An adequate amount of selective weedkiller will be applied to kill off any weeds in your lawn and then to ensure your lawn remains weed-free throughout the year

Moss control

Your lawn will be treated with a spring, autumn & winter moss killer & turf conditioner, controlling moss and hardening the grass plant against the cooler and wetter winter months

Spring and Autumn Aeration

Aeration is carried out to aid the relief of sub-surface soil compaction, improving moisture, oxygen (gaseous exchange) and nutrient intake into the all-important root-zone area of your lawn, by punching/slitting holes evenly across it. Aeration aids and assists in the improvement and development of a healthy, strong root system, ultimately responsible for the overall general health of your grass plant. Regular Aeration also helps to break down and control thatch.

Annual Scarification

Removal and control of thatch in your lawn, helping it breathe, allowing moisture, oxygen and nutrients down to the surface of the soil. The removal of thatch and dead matter from your lawn also allows for valuable space for the growth and development of young establishing grass shoots encouraged by our specialised fertilisers

Some lawns may require additional treatments/services due to their current condition or historical problems. You may also wish to include additional treatments/services to truly bespoke your individual annual programme to meet your personal requirements or to simply provide you with a more compreshensive care & maintenance programme.


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